Nonfiction November 2018 Random Questions Tag

I had no idea what I wanted to post today so I thought up some questions I decided I would like to answer. Here’s the result.

1. What book got you into reading nonfiction?



For me, that would have to be The Cello Suites by Eric Siblin. I picked up the Cello Suites because promised a different Bach than the one you learn in Music History class. This book definitely delivered on that promise. It was a fascinating read about Bach, the musical genius, but also about a man who got into a duel with a bassoonist and had 20 children. It also combined Bach’s story with the story of Pablo Casals, the cellist who reintroduced the world to the wonderful cello suites of Bach’s.

2. What book are you most proud of finishing (or will be when it’s finished)?



I will be super proud if I ever finish all the books I have started right now. But the book I’m most proud of finishing is the Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant. It was a very powerful and moving read, since you are hearing about the Civil War from someone who not only was in it, but was responsible for the troops he commanded. It was fascinating hearing about Grant’s strategy his own words as well hearing about famous historical events from someone who was a part of them.

3. What is your Favorite Nonfiction book?



And… its another book about Bach. Evening in the Palace of Reason by James R Gaines is my favorite nonfiction book as well as one of my favorite books period. The authors passion about Bach and his music really made Bach seem like a real person, not just a someone you read about. This is another book that combines two biographies in this book that was Frederick the Great who met Bach once. But the occasion was definitely a memorable one.

4. Is there a nonfiction book you would like to reread?



One would be Evening in the Palace of Reason by James R. Gaines. But since I already mentioned that book I’ll say The Assassin’s Accomplice by Kate Clifford Larson instead. I read this book before I started the Ladies Guide to History and I would really like to write a post on the book. I found the subject, Mary Surratt an absolutely fascinating individual. An incredibly horrible person, but interesting nonetheless. The book relates how she was connected to the conspiracy to assassinate Lincoln and debates how much she was really involved.

5. Is there a nonfiction book you chose to read solely because of the cover?



Yep, I’m definitely guilty of this many times over. But in this case, I was in the Assateague Book Store and saw a book with gorgeous horses on it. Assateague + horses, yep had to buy it. Even if it’s about the wild mustangs in the west lol. But Wild Horse Country by David Philipps actually turned out to be a good book. It was fascinating learning about the mustangs that are a feature of the landscape in the west. A very different place than the east coast where I live.

6. What nonfiction subject do you read the most of?

I find myself gravitating to women’s biographies, due to the Ladies Guide to History (hint check out The Ladies Guide to History posts). Yep mostly biographies and history for me.

7. What would you like to read more of?

I would potentially love to learn about lots of things including: music, natural history, philosophy, religion, the list goes on. But I just bought a philosophy book so I’ll probably start there. 😉

8. What would you recommend to a nonfiction beginner and why?



I recommend Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain it seems like on a daily basis. I loved this book its extremely readable and everyone is fascinated with understanding themselves.

9. What is your most recently purchased nonfiction book?



That would be Desert Queen by Janet Wallach about Gertrude Bell a woman archeologist in the Victorian Era

Bonus Question: If you could meet the subject of a biography or memoir who would it be?

Yep, no guesses needed here that would be Bach for me lol.


Book Haul

These past couple months I’ve acquired quite a few new books. So, I thought I’d share them with you. Let me know if there are any you’ve read and liked or read and didn’t like.

The first couple books are all about religion, they include:


1. Sisters: Catholic Nuns and the Making of America by John J. Fialka

2. Letters to a Diminished Church by Dorothy Sayers

3. Tried by Fire by William J. Bennet

And These are all the Fiction Books I’ve picked up recently:


4. Thornyhold by Mary Stewart

5. The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart

6. Murphy’s Law by Rhys Bowen

7. The Complete Stories by Flannery O’Connor

Day 23: Space #30DaysofReadathon or How I Organize My Books


Since today’s prompt is space I thought I would interpret this a little differently and talk about my space or spaces where I keep my books. The way organize my books is the system that works for me right now. However, I am always looking for a better method. Continue reading

Day 25: Comics Craze #30DaysOfReadathon


Batman: Earth One by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank is one of my favorite Batman comics. It’s a retelling of the origin story of Batman and some of our other favorite characters from Batman’s story.  After I finished reading this or any other Batman comic and am still in the mood for more Batman I put on Batman The Animated Series or Batman Beyond (So Good!) and color.

Day 26: Short Stories #30DaysOfReadathon



For my short stories pick I chose Strange Brew a short story anthology edited P.N. Elrod. The stories in this anthology are all based around witches. I haven’t read this yet, but I think this will be a great read for October/ Halloween. I’m looking forward to reading the stories, by the authors familiar to me and by the authors I have not read before.