Favorite Podcasts

Are you a podcast listener? I am I love listening to podcasts during a long car ride, while cooking or doing my makeup. The following are my favorite podcasts in no particular order. These are the podcasts that I look forward to listening to.  Continue reading


My Favorite Book(ish) Romances

The following are my top four romances from the books I’ve read, everything from nonfiction history to fiction. They are: Continue reading

Favorite Urban Fantasy Series



For the past two months, I have been reading a ton of Urban fantasy/ paranormal romance series. So I decided I would share with you some of my favorites.

But first, there are several underlying things that make these stories urban fantasy or paranormal. One characteristic is that they include a contemporary setting. These series are set in our world rather than a world that is created by the author. They also include some kind of magic that is used in the story or is part of the world although, in many cases, it is kept secret from the majority of the world but not always. In each of the stories, the setting takes on a character of its own which is also a characteristic that binds these stories together.   Continue reading