Goodreads Reading Challenge: Yay or Nay?

Every year for the past three years I have participated in the Goodreads challenge. Personally, I love participating in the Goodreads challenge. I find it challenging but also incredibly insightful about my reading habits.

The biggest reason I use Goodreads and participate in the challenge is that it keeps track of the books I’ve read that year. I am able to see how much I read during the year. It’s quick and easy to add books to the list. I also can very easily categorize books, by creating shelves for each genre I read such as mystery, high and urban fantasy and so on. Throughout the year I am able to look at these statistics to see which genre I read the most and which genre I, perhaps, should be reading more of. Because of this Goodreads provides me with an easy way for me to analyze my reading trends. Because I have kept track of my reading for three years, I am able to compare my reading throughout those years. I am able to see how my reading has changed or stayed the same throughout these years. I have noticed some very big changes in the three years I’ve been on Goodreads. My first year I read mostly YA and fantasy, but my tastes have since shifted to more adult and general fiction books. I also read a lot more nonfiction than I did.

The previous years allow me to see how many books I read in a year and if I can push myself to read more than I did in the previous years. (I am currently a little behind, okay more than a little.) I see the Goodreads challenge as more of a personal challenge. I’m not in competition with anyone except myself (although, it is satisfying to beat my brother) but really I treat it as a challenge to get me to read more regularly and more overall. It’s a little push to read more but I don’t take it super seriously if I am falling behind.

But what do you think? Do you participate in the Goodreads challenge? Do you use it to analyze your reading trends? Is there a better way to do all those things without losing the convenience factor?

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