Favorite Podcasts

Are you a podcast listener? I am I love listening to podcasts during a long car ride, while cooking or doing my makeup. The following are my favorite podcasts in no particular order. These are the podcasts that I look forward to listening to. 

The History Chicks:

The fact that this podcast is on my list should be a surprise to nobody. I love history and particularly women’s history. This podcast discusses insightfully, various women in history in depth. mostly real women but occasionally they will talk about important women in pop culture or literature. I have gotten quite a few book recommendations from this podcast!


The History of Rome:

I’m still making my way through this one but if you are in any way interested in Roman history this is a fantastic podcast to check out. The author/ narrator of this podcast does an incredible job in presenting detailed information in an engaging and fun way that keeps you listening.



I started listening to this podcast when I was between episodes of Heaven’s Gate and I think I like this one just the tiniest bit more than Heavens Gate mostly because while each episode is full of information. I think that their format of giving each cult two episodes is just the right amount of time after two episodes I tend to lose interest. This podcast covers different cults including the infamous Jonestown Cult as well as Heavens Gate.


The Black Tapes:

I love a serialized story and this one is just creepy enough to keep my attention without creeping me out entirely. This story follows the narrator as she investigates a set of black tapes held at the Strand Institute which has a reward if anybody can send a tape of paranormal activity that can’t be explained away. The narrator gets caught up when the tapes all start connecting.


Myths and Legends:

This podcast is insanely entertaining. If you like the Percy Jackson series or just love any type of mythology like I do then this podcast is for you. This podcast tells in an audio format the myth and legends of many cultures and places it is absolutely fascinating. The narrator always recounts the tales in the funniest way possible without losing any of the authenticity of the story.


Hello from the Magic Tavern:

This podcast is hilarious! If you are a fan a fantasy then you will love this podcast. It pokes fun at the tropes generally found in fantasy novels. Albeit a little inappropriate at times this podcast follows Arnie when he walks through a portal in a Burger King that takes him to the land of Foon.



These podcasts are of course subject to change. I am constantly finding new favorite podcasts all the time.


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