20 Things About Me


Hello my name is Katie and the following are 20 facts about me.

IMG_0800-21. I have a music degree.

2. My sign is Scorpio.

3. My favorite animal is a wolf. IMG_02834. I am extremely awkward and shy in real life.

5. I like girly and pretty clothes, think ruffles and florals.

6. I love going to the zoo, I usually go several times a year.

7. I collect different editions of Pride and Prejudice.

8. I play the French Horn.IMG_1414

9. I love to learn.

10. I love listening to podcasts.

11. I collect notebooks.

12. My favorite superhero by far is Batman.

13. My favorite Batman is the Batman from the Animated Series.

14. And so I love the Batman the Animated Series, Justice League, and Batman Beyond.

15. I would love to read more comics but I find them more than a little intimidating.IMG_1564

16. I do read the occasionally romance novel.

17. I love my public library.

18. My favorite season is fall.

19. I started a bullet journal this year.

20. I would have loved to have met J.S. Bach and J.R.R. Tolkien.


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