If You Like Supernatural Then You’ll Like These Books


As a huge fan of Supernatural, I thought I would celebrate the return of Supernatural by recommending some books you’ll like if you like Supernatural. In no particular order here are my top five picks. 

1. The Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones

First Book: First Grave on the Right 

This book series is a paranormal romance series that focuses on a reaper named Charley. Supernatural fans will love this series because it contains the mixture of humor and drama that is so essential to Supernatural. Charley is hilarious, albeit a little over the top, but she helps the spirits of the deceased to find closure. If you’re a fan of the episodes Roadkill, Houses of the Holy, or Dog Dean Afternoon than you will like the case based plot line and resolutions achieved in every book.

2. Gentlemen Bastards Series by Scott Lynch

First Book: The Lies of Locke Lamora 

This book is not what you would expect recommended based on Supernatural but it fits the bill nonetheless. The characters in this series are primarily consumed with stealing from people. And while that may not be the main focus of Supernatural, Dean and Sam aren’t the most upstanding citizens in that respect either, to be honest, so maybe they aren’t so different after all. The primary reason I’m putting this book on this list is that the relationship between the characters. All the characters were all orphaned or abandoned and have made their own family surrounding the two main characters and their father figure Father Chains (Who is a lot better at parenting than John, let’s be real.). Locke and Jean, the main characters are as close as brothers. So if you like the bromance between Dean and Sam and episodes like “A Supernatural Christmas” and “Something Wicked” then you will like this series. Anyway: “Family don’t end in blood”

3. American Gods by Neil Gaiman

If you enjoy the road trips that Sam and Dean take and the different Gods and creatures they discover on the way you will enjoy this book and episodes like “Scarecrow” and “Fallen Idols” This book is about a man on a road trip and on the way he discovers the various gods that reside in the United States old and new. If you like the episodes centering around the monster/creature/god-like Tall Tales, A Very Supernatural Christmas, Hammer of the Gods of the week you will like this book

4. Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Another surprise on this list but if you’re like me and you enjoy the part of the show where they try to find what creature they are trying to face and how they are going to defeat it than you probably will love the classic detective tales. If you like episodes like “Pac Man Fever”, “Party On, Garth” and “Playthings”

5. The Parasol Protectorate Series by Gail Carriger 

First Book: Soulless

If werewolves and vampires weren’t hidden from society but an accepted important part of the country and government Sam and Dean would probably hate it. However, this is the steampunk world that the book is set in. This book series is good it is based on a character who can “neutralize” the abilities of the supernatural and so she along with her sense of decorum and trusty parasol solves mysteries affecting society and meets a handsome werewolf on the way. So if you like episodes like LARP and the Real Girl and the Kids are All Right then you will probably like this series.


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