Spooky Reads for October


Hold on to your witches hat and your jack-o-lanterns, Halloween is coming! So here are my top 5 spooky picks for the month of October to get you in the spirit.

1. Thomas and Emily De Quincy Series by David Morrell

First book: Murder as a Fine Art

A good mystery novel is something that just fits the month of October. This series follows the author a (fictionalized version) Thomas De’Quincy (The Opium Eater) and his daughter Emily when De’Quincy is accused of murder in Victorian London. This series is a highly addictive murder mystery series that fits right into the creepy vibes of October. The entries told by murderer are especially eerie and the setting is very atmospheric.

2. The Others Series by Anne Bishop

First Book: Written in Red 

What fits the month of October better than werewolves and Vampires. But what if these creatures controlled most of the land that humans lived on? This book series follows Meg, a blood prophet, a type of human that when you cut them and draw blood they see visions of the future. The series starts with Meg on the run and hoping to hide by living with the Others in what called the Courtyard where humans and the Others can safely interact.

3. Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

October seems like a great time to be reading about the various myths and legends that feed into some of the most popular pop culture characters we have. Yes, I’m speaking about Thor and Loki I’m sure there will be people dressed up like them this Halloween. However, Neil Gaiman’s retelling of these myths feels like you’re sitting around the campfire, listening to scary and funny stories told by a friend. Which makes it the perfect fall book for me.

4. The Graveyard Queen Series by Amanda Stevens

First book: The Restorer 

This book series tells the story about a woman who can see the ghosts that haunt others. These ghosts drain the energy and life from the people they are haunting. This is a particular problem for the woman who can see ghosts. As they seem to be drawn to the people who can see them. She runs into trouble when the graveyard she is restoring becomes a crime scene when the police discover it’s the place of a murder and the hot detective she is supposed to be working with is haunted.

5. Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

First Book: Storm Front

Harry Dresden, a wizard who advertises in the phone book, is constantly interacting with various magical beings and creatures: werewolves, ghosts, other wizards. This is not exactly easy for Harry and he gets into all sorts of shenanigans. However, in his free time, he helps the police and helps them solve problems that have a magical twist to them. All of this makes any of the Dresden Files books the ultimate Halloween read.

What are your favorite books to read in October or for Halloween?


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