Day 22: Cozy #30DaysofReadathon Dreamer’s Pool


Fall always seems like it’s the time to get cozy. Personally, I love fall. I love the leaves changing colors, how the temperature gets colder and that we get to wear cozy sweaters, not to mention that the holidays are approaching. But another thing that always screams fall to me is reading a good book curled up under a blanket. So for today’s prompt, I chose Dreamer’s Pool by Juliet Marillier one of my absolutely favorite books.

“Part of me has turned wild, and another part’s turned dark as endless night, and I’m not going to change back just because someone says I must.”

Juliet Marillier

What Dreamer’s Pool is About

Dreamer’s Pool tells the story of a woman, Blackthorn, currently held in a prison waiting for her chance at a trial to demand justice for a nobleman’s actions. While in prison she befriended by another prisoner Grim. She soon finds out that she may never get the chance to tell her story but then she is visited by a mysterious stranger who offers her a chance at freedom. However, her freedom comes with a catch, she has to spend seven years where she cannot refuse anyone who asks for her aid. Blackthorn soon learns that not everything is as it seems and that the fae may be a bigger part of her life than she thought.

What I Thought About the Book

This book is beautifully written with atmospheric descriptions of the scenery. It is a wonderful story about a woman learning about herself after her imprisonment and how to interact with others again. Blackthorn learns over time how much tragedy can shape a person and that against all expectations some people can be truly kind. I love the character development in this series it is often heartbreaking but also truly inspiring.  I love that this book includes the fae but not the fae that we recognize from other fantasy novels but rather the fae from folklore and mythology. I love this element of folklore it adds to the atmospheric setting. Overall, I truly loved this book and it has quickly become one of my favorites.


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