Day 27: Snack #30DaysofReadathon


Mmmmm… My snack of choice is Nutella by the spoonful, on bread, pretzels dipped in it. I could go on but I’ll spare you. The best way to read when eating is on an e-reader, otherwise, I will, without fail, drop food on my book. Anyway, the book picture in this photo is the first book in Sebastian St. Cyr series: What Angels Fear by C.S. Harris. 

This series is exactly what you would want to read in the fall and winter on the days you want to pick up a mystery. What Angels Fear follows Sebastian St. Cyr as he solves a murder he is hunted for. Set in the Regency Era this series is extensively researched and much of what occurs in the novels are true events. Which makes this a fantastic mystery series fans of the Regency period and Jane Austen. The romance in this series takes place slowly over time and is lovely. I will have to write a full review of this series very soon because it is the perfect series to pick up during the fall and winter.



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