Malice by John Gwynne (The Faithful and The Fallen book 1) Review

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Recently I picked up the Riyria Revelations series and was left craving more epic fantasy, so I picked up a book that had been sitting on my shelf for a while, Malice. And Malice really surprised me. I loved it.

What it’s All About

Malice is a novel with interwoven character viewpoints that tells the story of good versus evil. Its themes relate back to the good and evil plot line and ask the questions: who is truly evil? Do your intentions matter or just the results? All of the characters in this story believe that they are doing what’s right and that certainly makes each character’s perspective interesting. However, I did have a character I loved more than the others (Corban).

This tale follows these different characters as they all prepare and try to prevent, in their different ways, the “god-war.” With each character, you follow a different part of the realm and for each part a slightly different storyline with some it’s a political storyline and with others a coming of age storyline. The storylines intertwine throughout the story at several points as they try to prevent the “god-war”

What I Thought

I thought this book was immensely entertaining and therefore, had a hard time putting it down. I particularly enjoyed the way this book was set up. Although there were many perspectives the author heavily focused on two. For me, this meant that I could easily follow the storyline and didn’t have to remind myself what previously happened to the characters. (I find multiple perspectives sometimes incredibly aggravating because of the way it constantly pulls me out of the story, however, I feel like people enjoy multiple perspectives, but I digress.) I liked that it heavily focused on the perspective of my favorite character, Corban. If you do not like him or the other perspective this could be a problem for you. I probably liked him mostly because he has a wolven (a wolf-like creature). However, some of the characters felt a little like they were just there to advance someone else’s story such as Corbin’s sister Cywen who primarily advanced Corbin’s storyline.

Some of the storylines were somewhat predictable, but the book was so entertaining I did not mind this at all. I thought that the characters were so compelling that they were what carried the story. All of them had very human faults, but also many virtues. I enjoyed this story quite a bit and am definitely interested in continuing the series. Overall, I rated it 4/5 stars on Goodreads.


If you liked this book then you will like:

1. The Farseer Trilogy– if you like human and animal/ magical creature bonding and a coming of age story.
2. Blood Song: If you liked the coming of age story portion of the book.

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