Riyria Revelations Series Review

Riyria Revelations

The Riyria Revalations is a 3 book series (6 books if you read it when it was originally self published) about a pair of thieves’ various adventures. Of the two main characters Royce is the typical thief and assassin while Hadrian is the idealistic swordsman. The series begins with the pair being asked to steal a famous sword.

This series is a typical sword and sorcery fantasy. The kind with the unexpected heroes who have to save the realm. And I enjoyed it immensely. What is so magical about this book series is the relationship between the two main characters and this relationship is what kept me read the next book. Their partnership is established before the beginning of the series (see the Riyria Chronicles for the beginning of their friendship) so you won’t really see it develop or build in this series. But you will see how much the two rely on each other and the absolute trust they have in each other. In many other stories there is a lot of plot building based on one of the characters believing the other betrayed the other. So it was nice to see a partnership where the pair kept their belief in each other. The banter between the pair and the humor in this book was hilarious and kept me laughing throughout the series even when the events got more heavy. However, the romantic relationships fell a little flat for me. Primarily because I really only wanted to see the friendship between Royce and Hadrian.

“Whats this we stuff?” Royce asked. “You’re retired, remember?” Oh so you’ll be leading the Nationalist advance, will you” “Sixty-forty Royce proposed.”
– Michael J. Sullivan Nephron Rising

The plot line of this series was relatively straightforward but was still entertaining. I found myself much more interested in the antics of Royce and Hadrian than the political machinations of some of the other characters like Arista and Alric. However, I did love the monk Myron who added a lot of necessary humor especially in the last book.

Overall, this series was a fun romp in the world of sword and sorcery fantasy and was a nice break from the urban fantasy I have been reading lately. The strongest aspect of this series by far is the relationship between Royce and Hadrian. My favorite stories were The Crown Conspiracy (Theft of Swords #1), The Emerald Storm (Rise of Empire #2), and Wintertide (Heir of Novron #1)

Overall I gave this series a 3.5/5

If you have read this book and liked it I think that you would also like…
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