Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

I recently finished Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythologyand really enjoyed it. I love mythology especially Egyptian (thanks to stargate lol), Greek and Roman and now I can add Norse mythology to the list.

This book relates several of the main stories from Norse Mythology in an easily consumed way. Mr. Gaiman makes it clear in his introduction that his intention for Norse Mythology is for people to gain an introduction to the myths and learn to love them. However,  if you already have a background in Norse mythology than this book will add nothing new to your knowledge base, but if you don’t than this book is great place to hear the stories for the first time.

Many of the myths that Mr. Gaiman includes in his book are old tales, but Mr. Gaiman has certainly included his own subtle spins on the legends. He tells each of the myths plainly but there are times where his voice peeks through the text and you can hear him gently laughing at what he was writing.  It is very clear he loves these tales, but he is not above making fun at the more ridiculous and dated parts. He tells each tale like he’s telling it to you from across a campfire.

What I truly love about all of Mr. Gaiman’s writing is that he always sounds so authentic and real. He has passion for what he is writing whether American Gods, or Stardust. Norse Mythology is no exception. I gave this 4.5/5 stars.

Have you read Norse Mythology? What did you think?

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